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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wish you bed had LEDs that turned on when you got up so you didn't stub your toes on your dresser?


Here's how I did that.

A rough diagram explaining the components.

My bill of materials

  • Pi Zero (With USB Wifi dongle and MicroSD card)
  • 2 PIR sensors
  • 2 momentary push buttons 
  • 5v 5A power supply
  • Strip of Neopixels (150/5meters)

The premise is simple.  Detect motion, use math to figure out if it's dark outside, and if so, turn the lights on until there is no motion for about 5 minutes.  2 buttons have been added so you can turn it on and off on demand.  

You can find a the code and documentation here: Dhowdy on GitHub

And, of course, a video of the LEDs turning off

Please post any questions below!  Enjoy!